Nationwide breakdown service specific to Energica and included in the cost of a bike for the first 12 months…

Energica Assist is a roadside rescue and recovery service that helps you our at the roadside anywhere in the UK, seven days a week, 365 days a year, available on all purchases of a new Energica Motorcycle.

Energica Assist

If your Energica motorcycle breaks down, simply give Energica Assist a call on: 03300 183 526 and we will send someone out to you and get you recovered tothe nearest Energica Dealership where a specialist in Electric Vehicle repair can get you back on the road.

Breakdown at the roadside

The appointed agent will provide roadside assistance throughout the UK, 24 hours a day, every day of the year if your bike is stranded on the highway as a result of a breakdown. We will get your bike back to the closest Energica dealership in order to repair your motorcycle.

If you Breakdown and need Assistance, please call: 03300 183 526

Speak with your dealer about upgrading cover to include home start.

Do you need Energica Assist?

If you Breakdown and need Energica Assist, please call: 03300 183 526

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