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Charging your Electric Vehicle (EV) is an important aspect of your new electric motorcycle journey. We will go through different ways that you can charge in order to make sure that you are getting the most out of your new bike.

There are many different charging solutions available in the UK; each solution caters to a different lifestyle from Home Charging, Public Charging, and Charging at work to the different charging speeds and charging adapters that you can use with your new Energica.

Charging Adapter

Energica Motor Company is the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to join the CharIN EV Association.

The primary aims of CharIN E.V are:

  • To develop and establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles of all kinds
  • To draw up requirements for the evolution of charging-related standards and develop a certification system for use by manufacturers implementing the CCS in their products
  • To promote the CCS standard worldwide

CSS is a DC Fast Charging technology allowing you to charge at home using a type 2 charging unit, and in public using a CSS charging station.

Type 2 Cable
CSS Cable

Home Charging

Given that your bike will usually be parked overnight, most electric motorcycle owners will rely on home charging to ensure that their bike is powered up ready for when they need them. Although home charging is convenient, it also has the added benefit of being the cheapest option to recharge in most cases.

The government provide a financial support scheme for EV adopters who want to install a home charger. This is called the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), the EVHS covers a proportion of the total costs to get the charger installed.


Need a home Charger?

Need a charger? We’re partnered with one of the best EV Charging companies in the UK, Car Charged UK. Want a home or commercial install? We can help out with that! 

Public Charging

Chances are you will eventually want to do a longer journey on your new electric motorbike, with this you might have to use a public charger. Think of it as a fuel station but for electric; there are many public charging networks available in the UK. Public charging networks provide invaluable charging support and are often much faster than a home or work charging unit. Energica support DC Fast Charging with CCS which allows you to charge your motorcycle using a DC Rapid Charging Unit.

GridServe Electric Vehicle Charging Hub
Energica CSS Charging

Finding Charging Networks

There are many applications to find charging stations that are suitable for your Energica motorcycle. One of our favorites is ZapMap and here’s why:

  • Route Planner
  • Filter for charging type
  • Filter for charging speed
  • Availability information

You can use ZapMap here if you plan to use a public charging network.

Is it your time to jump on the EV wagon with your Energica electric motorcycle? Have a look through our range of premium bikes!

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